Beltá&Frajumar continues working on its environmental policy through the use of solar panels

Placas solares beltá Frajumar

Beltá&Frajumar continues working on its environmental policy through the use of solar panels

Beltá Frajumar, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of upholstered furniture, auxiliary and decorative environments for home, in order to achieve high levels of quality and service has a system of quality and environmental management. In order to carry it out, its last action has been to install Solar Panels.

But what are the values that these Solar Panels comply with? Keep reading!


Values of the quality and environmental management system respected by the new Solar Panels

  •         Management of the processes necessary to identify the needs and visions of customers: the different business areas must understand what requirements the company must meet, to satisfy the expectations from the product or service.


  •   To create customer loyalty: For the company it is essential to build customer loyalty and offer a good after-sales service, and that is why it transfers it to each part of the production process.


  •         To promote the understanding and diffusion of the quality and environmental policy: This is achieved through training and continuous communication with workers and partners.


  •         To increase communication between workers as a tool for the outlet of all human creative potential.


  •         Respect environmental legislation: apply it to both activities and other commitments that may be established, to avoid pollution and minimize it as much as possible.


  •       Comply with the requirements and continuously improve the efficacy of the quality and environmental management system: with performance indicators, measurement, evaluation and analysis of these ensuring efficacy.


  •     To give a frame of reference: to determine and review the objectives of quality and environmental care.


  •    Keep the engagement: The engagement must be kept both in safety and health at work and in ethical management and social responsibility in each activity


    The solar panels use a total of 16,464.01 kWh of energy, which means a total cost of 1,905.56 euros and a reduction of 5.73 t of CO2 for the company.

    More and more companies are opting for a solar panel arrangement to reduce costs. In addition, their investment is adapted to the growth of the company and they contribute to the perseveration and care of the environment that surrounds us.

    And some news, for example, El Economista tells us that this type of renewable energy will also be used outside the business environment.

    Enter our blog and find other articles that also show the concern of Beltá Frajumar for the care of the environment!

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