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Atenzza Interview, Sponsor of InterCIDEC 2021


Atenzza, a family company with more than 80 years and a revolutionary technology for the manufacture of intelligent technical fabrics.

The Atenzza group is a family group of textile companies with a long professional history of more than 80 years. It stands out for its commercialisation and manufacture of fabrics focused on the decoration of both outdoor and indoor environments and especially on technical and intelligent fabrics.

We would like to introduce you to Sara Patón, CEO of Ecodry and head of communication for the Atenzza group.

Drymax textil para la construcción.

BF: Sara, what can the Atenzza group offer to the interior designer or architect who is carrying out a hotel renovation or directly to the hotelier?


SP: In the Atenzza group we are leaders in the manufacture of intelligent textiles, technical textiles that offer exclusive products for different areas, different fields. So we offer unique products for interior designers and architects. We have very strong brands to guarantee supreme quality in these two areas. If we pay attention to Drymax, one of our brands, we are pioneers in manufacturing a textile dedicated to construction and renovation. Drymax is a waterproofing textile, it is the textile that prevents leaks, all types of humidity, condensation, mould and is used above all for the reconstruction of houses and for the creation of new buildings. So it is a breathable, technical, completely water-repellent textile, it has a very powerful acoustic insulation with a curve of 80%, it is also a thermal textile that offers a high thermal conductivity, so that in all our tests and certifications, we have a reduction of energy consumption of 20% in air conditioning and heating. On the other hand, Atenzza’s intelligent fabrics focused on the interior designer, indoor and outdoor fabrics, we offer a 100% Solution Dyed acrylic quality. The Atenzza group is one of the 5 companies worldwide that have access to this Bayer Dolan fibre, with high performance, that is, we start from a high quality fibre, which is already antibacterial and is completely suitable for the entire outdoor environment, and for indoor where we have large windows of sun and the fabric has an excellent behaviour. We offer a 5 year guarantee against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and all our fabrics are water repellent but with a different technique that characterises us. We do not work with fluorocarbons as you are used to, but we work with nanoscience and with particles applied at atomic scales we manage to water repellent our textiles in a healthy way, as we know that fluorocarbons are gradually being withdrawn from the market because they are very harmful to the environment and to health. At Atenzza we have already offered more innovative solutions in our technique of hydrophobing fabrics. Apart from this, we work with designs and colours with the latest trends always focused on the indoor world for interior designers and outdoor for interior architects who also want to design all terraces and outdoor environments.

BF: What new products is Atenzza presenting this year?


SP: This year, the Atenzza group is presenting a novelty that is breaking the mould of what we know today as a textile. It is the first textile that comes to life, it is an intelligent textile that acts like a plant, we are talking about Ecoplen, the intelligent textile that cleans itself, this is because  we use nanoscience, on an atomic scale, we apply certain nanoparticles adhered to the fibre of the textile and we manage to eliminate all organic stains simply by inserting ultraviolet rays, the sun’s rays, the light of the day. We completely remove an organic stain, at the most in 72 hours this stain is eliminated, it all depends on the incision of the sun rays or the size of the stain, there are stains that in 1 or 2 hours have been completely eliminated only with the light of the day. Ecoplen also offers other solutions such as air purification, it is a textile that is constantly regenerating oxygen, it converts CO2 into oxygen, it acts completely like a plant. Imagine a living room or a room with furniture made with Ecoplen textile, continuously regenerating the air by converting it into oxygen, we have a purification that triples or quadruples the results that a living being would give us, that is to say, we would be living breathing pure air as if we were in the middle of the forest, in the jungle.

Apart from this, in this step of air regeneration, what Ecoplen, the textile, does is always neutralise odours, bad odours are quickly eliminated by returning to the neutral state of odour, as we conceive them, so we know that the textile traps the odour more quickly in a space, so when you arrive after having done sport, the textile traps the odour, there is smoke, it traps it too, and what Ecoplen does is to constantly eliminate this series of odours. Apart from this it is antistatic and acts like a plant constantly, it is easy to clean so that organic stains that are not removed by sunlight, simply with a damp cloth we remove the stain or even our nanoparticles prevent the textile from staining, that is, if we spill a glass of wine, with a cloth, we will prevent it from staining, if the stain occurs, it would be removed on its own or with a damp cloth as well

Atenzza Decoración textil

BF: These are very interesting new products that you tell us about, Sara. What would you say is your star product?


SP: At Atenzza we are manufacturers of unique and exclusive products, so there are no products on the market that have the technical capacity that our textiles offer, so each of our brands that focus on different areas, have star products that characterise them, so: Drymax, for the construction area, with its totally ecological and bio-sustainable waterproofing is a star product in this area. In the world of the home, world of decoration, we have Ecoplen with the intelligent fabric that cleans itself and in the world of pets we have Drypets, which is the first textile that deworms the animal, so this is another star product in this area. With ecodry we have achieved an antiviral technology that disinfects all types of pathogens, with a biocide applied at atomic scales but permanently, that is to say, we know that the biocide is migratory and settles from surface to surface so it has a very short life, with the Atenzza group we have managed to develop Ecodry, a biocide that is permanent over time, it adheres to the fibre of the textile and its antiviral activity remains for life, so in each of our brands we offer star products.


BF: What is the added value or advantages Atenzza brings to the hotel sector?


SP: Atenzza brings added value to the hotel sector, such as resistance to the sun’s rays, which is very important, the products’ air resistance, the self-cleaning of the textile, which cleans itself, above all the bio-sustainability and care for the environment, the ecology, it is no longer necessary to invest so much energy in washing these textiles, in taking care of them, They are also self-disinfecting, which gives us peace of mind because having a textile environment free of mites, free of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae, this is very beneficial especially for the hotel world and now even more so, we are very concerned, with the arrival of the pandemic, Atenzza offers an eco textile, Ecoplen, free of Covid 19 and its strains.


BF: What new distribution channels has Atenzza recently opened up?


SP: The Atenzza group specialises in decoration in the world of the home, above all what characterises us with our 100% Solution Dyed fibre is the outdoor world, but recently with the arrival of the new Ecoplen technology, we have focused all our efforts on the indoor world, creating fantastic collections, with a spectacular feel and trendy colours. So we have opened up the indoor channel considerably, it is also worth mentioning that with some partners, we are creating spectacular collections of blinds, curtains, which you will soon be able to enjoy, then we have also opened up a very important field in the world of health and daily care, with ecodry which is the antiviral technology, which is self-disinfecting, there we have opened up a very important hospital-pharmaceutical field for Atenzza.


Tejidos inteligentes Drymax

BF: Which are the markets where Atenzza is most present?


SP: Atenzza is present in the world of the home, in the world of decoration, in the world of outdoor and indoor and our most powerful markets are in the United States and Latin America. However, we are a 100% exporting company and we are present in 88 countries.


BF: How do you collaborate with interior designers and architects?


SP: We have distributors in each of the 88 countries, so are our distributors who work with the interior designers and decorators because they have stock of all the collections and they give them a very close and very good service.


BF: What are the results of this collaboration with interior designers and architects?


SP: Our distributors are in charge of dealing directly with interior designers and architects, so you can have a very good, very close collaboration with them.


BF: What kind of projects can your products be used for?


SP: Our products can be adapted to all kinds of projects that have to do with textiles, that is, all kinds of furniture: indoor, outdoor, decoration, upholstery, cushions, bedding, bed bases, headboards, and the whole outdoor world. We are leaders in technical products


BF: A very complete offer, Sara. How have you adapted to the new situation generated by the health crisis, and have you adapted your products to these new needs?


SP: Yes, totally, the Atenzza group was a pioneer in developing Ecodry technology, the technology we have already talked about, with the arrival of the pandemic our R&D team started to work hard to offer an effective solution in our textiles against Covid 19 and all its strains. So we managed to fix our biocide permanently over time, it lasts as long as the textile lasts, that is, we can wash it 90,000 times, the biocide will remain there permanently, so all our textiles are self-disinfected and are free of viruses, pathogens, fungal bacteria, parasites, algae, etc..

This is one more step that we have developed with the arrival of the pandemic, we have reconverted and we have offered very effective solutions to the worrying situation of today. So Ecodry is a technology that went around the world, we were in the news in every country, we were on the front page in New York, in the press and on the radio because it really is a very revolutionary technology that today allows us to be very safe in the environment that surrounds us with our Ecoplen textiles.


BF: What trends and changes are you seeing in the hotel sector in recent years?


SP: In recent years, the hotel sector has been focusing more and more on the protection and care of the environment and the ecosystem. We are seeing very important changes, especially Ecoplen is having an incredible acceptance, more and more the hospitality & contract world is asking for our antiviral Ecodry technology with the Ecoplen textile to feel safer and to be free of all kinds of pathogens. Also the hotel world is looking for comfort in their furniture, that’s why Ecoplen is having a lot of acceptance in its self-cleaning fabric.


BF: After these 80 years of experience working in the textile sector, what would you say is Atenzza’s greatest success in continuing to be so present?


SP: The greatest success of the Atenzza group is always having a tireless look towards the future by offering exclusive and unique products that do not exist, differentiating them from all types of fabrics and offering totally innovative solutions.


BF: And based on all this experience, how has the customer changed in recent years?


SP: In recent years, customers have been looking more and more for comfort in the home and above all safety, which is why Ecoplen offers comfort, self-cleaning and safety, self-disinfection. The customer is also very much in favour of the ecological world, with bio-sustainability and care for the environment, that is why in the Atenzza group we work very hard and we strive like other companies to offer all these types of textiles that care for the environment and the health of all of us and our family.


Sara Patón, CEO de Ecodry y Responsable de Comunicación del Grupo Atenzza.

BF: What are your expectations for the coming years?


SP: For the next few years, in the Atenzza group, as we have a very powerful R&D and we are always in continuous research and always bringing out new textiles, we hope to change the awareness of our customers, of the end consumer, above all that they know that they are buying a textile, that they are living with total environmental purification, bio-sustainability and personal care, So we hope to change the mentality of the consumer and the client so that they try to take care of themselves, protect themselves, in the environment, in their homes and wherever they are going to settle or spend their holidays, always looking to the future of the generations that will come after them.


BF: What do you think of the InterCIDEC initiative as a platform for connecting interior designers, manufacturers and hoteliers?


SP: In the Atenzza group we are really fascinated with your initiative, yesterday the CEO of the group, Francisco Pérez, told me about it, “please congratulate them because they have create a very interesting platform especially for exchanging knowledge, great projections and creating very important synergies”, really congratulations.


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