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8 design tables that are a classic

mesas de diseño

Coffee or side tables are not just another piece of furniture. They are indispensable elements in the decoration of any common room. The designers who work for Beltá&Frajumar transfer their personality to each table to make a difference. They make sure that the pieces stand out by themselves and transmit that touch of elegance and sophistication to the environment. In this article we show you 8 design tables that are a classic.




Pent is a design table formed by a pentagonal piece that allows you to create countless compositions. Its wavy edge design is inspired by the petunia, a very common outdoor plant for its easy cultivation and the large number of flowers it offers during spring and summer. On the other hand, in the sacred geometry, the pentagon or five-pointed star, represents the interrelation of the human with the universe. The table design is by the designers Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo. 




The Igno side table is a wooden table that is divided into two pieces. Its design is created to form a modular system composed of a larger piece with a marble base and a smaller piece with a wooden base. Both bases fit together perfectly. Its timeless style makes the Igno design table an element that harmonizes any kind of space. The two pieces as a whole give it an aura of distinction and good taste.




The RING table is one of the most exclusive designs by Beltá&Frajumar. Its classic colonial colouring oozes elegance and class in equal parts. This design table can be observed at first sight the details worked with great care to make it a unique piece. This type of detail results in a product with total personality, capable of taking you to another era. 

RAIZ 100


The Raiz 100 design table belongs to the Raíz family designed by Lluis Codina. This piece of furniture presents volumes of great thickness. Its planes show with precision and firmness the warmth of the wood. This type of table is ideal for living rooms in both apartments and hotels. 




This side table comes from the family of the central table RAIZ 100. Its volume is the main characteristic of this table. Its designer Lluis Codina has tried to transmit the beauty of the wood in all its splendour, bringing out its most artistic side. The incredible play of the veins and the subtle transitions between the pieces stand out above all the whole. The RAIZ 50 design table also has a very visual aesthetic that brings quality and warmth to any space. 




Nature is one of our main sources of inspiration at Beltá&Frajumar. In the flora and fauna that surround us, we can find many useful and practical solutions for the designs. On this occasion, for the LOTO table we have looked at the shape of a water lily. The tranquility that the water lily leaves transmit on the water of the pond is what we have transmitted in this design table. The feeling of being at peace with the environment. The result is a table with a pleasant appearance. A unique way of bringing nature into your home! We have also designed the LOTO marble side table. 




The STULL side table gives you endless possibilities to harmonise any room. The marble it is made of is a clear statement of design and good taste. Its timeless style manages to exploit the decorative beauty of your living room, dining room or bedroom. The materials worked in a handmade way make this design table an essential piece. 




Finally, in this list of design tables that are a classic could not miss our latest addition to the Belta & Frajumar family, the ÓLIA side table by designer Vicente Gallega. Its design emanates elegance, purity and sobriety without ever losing its visual strength. A piece cared for down to the smallest detail that cannot be missing from your home. 


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