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6 free courses for architects and designers

Undoubtedly, the crisis caused by COVID-19 is a misfortune, but confinement has also turned out to be, for those who have wanted to take advantage of it, the opportunity to do everything for which they never had time, such as training.

Given the increasing popularity of MOOCs, massive open online courses, learning has never been easier, and it’s that thousands of sites offering free online classes from universities around the world, from Harvard to MIT.

Therefore, both if you are looking to embark on a new challenge or if you are looking to expand on an already known topic, today we propose you a series of courses to learn about architecture and design for free.


  1. Architecture 101 – Part III, From Space to Architecture 

This is a course from Iversity, a website that features classes from universities across Europe in English and German.

The course is taught by professors from the Academia di Belle Arti Abadir, and the course content includes videos, readings, and design assignments, and although it’s part of a three-part introductory seminar, it isn’t necessary the participation in first two.


  1. Creativity, design, and innovation techniques 

Taught by the National Autonomous University of Mexico together with the University of Arizona, this course consists of four modules: be more creative, innovation, understand design, and techniques and tools. A good option for anyone interested in the world of design and creativity!


  1. Introduction to Metrics for Smart Cities 


Offered by edX, an initiative of Harvard and MIT that offers classes from the most prestigious universities and institutions, and organized through IEEE, a professional organization of technological innovation, the course seeks to understand the components that make up a Smart City and how to use the metrics to measure its performance.


  1. The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, Part 1 


Taught by the University of Hong Kong and also offered by edX, this 5-week course seeks to explore vernacular architecture, the study of common buildings, places and landscapes that were not designed by professional architects. 

It also investigates autochthonous building materials, as well as the relationship between vernacular architecture, culture, and traditions through Asia. 


  1. LinkedIn Learning Courses 

The reality is that LinkedIn, through LinkedIn Learning, offers many free courses for architects, engineers and designers.

Its main advantage are the professionals who teach the courses and their quality. On the other hand, its disadvantage is that only the first month is free, but it can be used to train during quarantine.


  1. Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology 

This online Canvas course looks at how to effectively apply biological information to design, and provides an introduction to the tools and principles of biomimetics.

Taught by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, the course focuses on a different biomimicry design concept each week, leading its participants to develop their own biomimetic design.

With these free courses provided by the main universities and training platforms you will expand your knowledge during this quarantine without having to leave home. Also, there are more structured courses with study plans, homework and exams, and others that fit your own pace, no excuses!


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