5 tips to wash the sofa covers

Cómo enfundas y desenfundar un sofá

Many times, when we think about to clean the sofa holsters, we think it’s harder than actually is. When we don’t know how to do it, seems harder to sheathe and draw, but nothing could be more untrue. Here, we explain how to wash the sofa fabrics.

First of all, you must know that every sofa is made to be sheathed and drawn anytime, for it’s easier to maintain the sofa. In order to wash the holsters, here we tell some tips of all you need to know about sheathing and draw a sofa without a problem.

How to sheath and unsheathe step by step.

  1. First of all, you must look for the zip that joins the pillow with the sofa so you can remove it from the sofa.
  2. Once we have the pillow apart, we need to look for the zip of the pillow, so we can open it and remove the holster.
  3. In case you want to use the washing machine, it’s advisable to put the fabric inside out. The reason is to avoid the fabric gets the break. Now we can wash the fabric.
  4. Once the holsters are clean, we proceed to holster the pillows on them. For this, we will go around the base, at the same time, at the time of reading and writing in the place, and then introduce the pillow in the base. The video below shows how to do it.
  5. These pillows are filled with fibre and they can get deformed because they could have been exposed to a continuous usage. It’s recommended that to keep the correct shape of the pillow as the first day, beat the pillow to relocate the fibre.

These are some steps and tips to make the task of clean the sofa covers easy.
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